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2016’s Final Abomination: The Desolation of Jollof Rice — Mind of Malaka

I’m getting pretty tired of writing about how awful 2016 has been and continues to be. My fatigue has compelled me to ignore several events that have transpired in pop culture and favor silence instead of comment. It’s not everything that requires a verbal (or written) reaction, abi? But dear brothers and sisters, there is […]

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Roast corn in Abuja, Nigeria

Motorists drop by regularly to enjoy this tasty corn... Are you drooling yet?

Motorists drop by regularly to enjoy this tasty corn… Are y’all drooling yet?


January 18, 2016 · 12:25 PM

Multilevel Marketing: Scam or Not?


First of all, let’s establish one thing. If there is something genuine, there will also be a fake. The opposite is also true – if you someone is being conned, it’s because there is some believability to that thing. And believability is derived from truth or fact.

I want to address Multi-level Marketing, otherwise known as Network Marketing.

Some people say it’s a business and some say it’s just a scam and they have their reasons for saying so. I won’t attempt to elaborate too much on this and will get straight to my point. I will be speaking from my own experience as a network marketer.

Network marketing is indeed a business model that has some unique principles. One of the core principles of this type of business is that it is, in the words of Robert Kiyosaki, a consumer-distribution business. Most network marketing companies call their associates “distributors” but actually they are first and foremost consumers/customers of these companies’ products and services.

The second principle of network marketing is duplication. I learnt this one from Mr. Randy Gage. The business is really about show and tell, about sowing and reaping. Whatever you want to see in your business, you will need to model it and break it down to bite-sized chunks so that anyone on the team can do it as well as you or even better.

Thirdly, Kiyosaki called it a personal franchise business. By this I understood that as a person,one has to develop a business system (or use an existing one) to move products and services to the customer first, and having done that successfully, pass this success down to others.

So, making real money in network marketing is actually about offering leadership. Mr. Gage called it a teaching business.

Any network marketer who tries to circumvent these principles, will end up being a perceived as a scammer. If you’re a network marketer and you don’t want to end up a scammer, here is my candid advice:

  1. Make sure your company has a track record of integrity and that its management team have a track record of successfully building network marketing businesses before transiting to the corporate side.
  2. Ensure you join the team of someone who has proven integrity (i.e. your sponsor).
  3. Massively use the products and services of your company i.e. be your best customer.
  4. Share (i.e. promote) the products or services of your company and stick to the system taught you by your (trusted) sponsor.
  5. Only sign up a person if you are committed to mentor them. If you don’t do this, they will fail and you moight be accused of scamming them.

Of course, negative people won’t see any good in any business regardless of what you do. Pay them no mind – just make sure that you doing what is right for people always!


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This post has a silly title: “Temporary Absence”


I promised myself that I would be a little more regular with my posts on this blog. Especially since I decided to expand the scope. However, I’ve been taking this course on (Foundations in Data Analysis from University of Texas, Austin, TX) and it’s been taking my time. I thought I should just refresh my knowledge a bit in what is a basic field for anyone in public health. And I started a new romance with R and RStudio. It’s been an exhilarating experience and I’m excited everyday. I will tell you guys the story of this love affair later.

Anyhow, I have not been that conscientious with managing the time. I actually have a 5 – 6 week backlog of course work that I have to complete before the course ends the second week of February and I’ve literally been burning the midnight oil. Add to that, trying to get into business for the new year and elections that are going to start in a couple of weeks. Life is anything but dull, and totally chaotic right now!

What are you up to?

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It’s in you. And there’s nothing you can do about it…

In the early days of my professional life, as a young clinical officer working for a private hospital, I had a funny experience. The hospital had a doctor’s resting room, where we could catch a quick nap during night calls. The room was pretty cosy and had this wonderful air-conditioning unit that would hum ever so softly as it cooled both body and nerves (I hated night call duty so much).

Unfortunately for me, a cockerel also loved this air-conditioner, that is the warm section outside the room. So every night he would cuddle there. Not that I cared. But as my nerve-racked self sought some respite from my slavish conditions, some time between 3 – 4 am, this Mister began to crow. And believe me, crow he could. The first day it happened, I woke up with my heart pounding, because of the amplitude of the sound (this cockerel was pretty big), and this was made worse by the close proximity of the head of my bed to the air-conditioner. When I realized what was actually making the awful racket, I ran outside to confront my tormentor. I found the huge bird perched on the rail of the air-conditioning unit and promptly chased him off with a whack from my slipper.

Feeling pretty good with myself, I returned to my chambers to continue my dream from where it was so rudely interrupted by the feathered fiend.

Then, “Cock-doodle-doooo!” it happened again, only, this time around, it was much louder (apparently he was just tuning up when he woke me up the first time). I ran out again. WHACK!!!

Suffice to say, I didn’t get to sleep again that morning. Neither did I the next time I was on night duty. My only saving grace, I presume, must have been when the owner of Mr. Cock required his presence for dinner…

As I thought about this incident, this is what came to my mind: Every creature (including humans) is made for a purpose. Your purpose is defined by your potential. Your potential is expressed in your assignment, your passion. Your passion may be attacked but it cannot be extinguished by external threats, as long as there is still breath in you.


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